Instagram Is Going Crazy Over This Sunset-Inspired Makeup Look

By Erin Reimel. Photos: Courtesy of Instagram.

Pumpkin-spice makeup took over our Instagram beauty feeds last fall, followed by peachy colors and burnt-orange eyes in the winter—and now that it's summer, those shades are going full next-level in homage to one of Instagram's favorite pics. Enter the latest Insta-beauty trend: sunset eyes. The look pulls upon those warm colors to mirror the moment just before the sun slips behind the earth, when the sky is filled with vibrant shades. Search #sunseteyes on Instagram, and you'll be bombarded with gradients of hot orange, fiery red, and gold glitter, with hints of ocean blue sprinkled in the mix to mimic the sea—and to provide some gorgeous contrast.

Instagram makeup artists are creating the look by turning to shades of bright tangerine and smoky terra-cotta, as well as red, pink, and blue colors, like the ones found in Kylie's Bronze Palette, Too Faced's Peach Palette, and Smashbox's latest shadow palettes. The next step? Blending all of the shades thoroughly to create a seamless ombré effect.

Check out some of the sunset eyes below in variations that run from ultra-dramatic and bright to chic and coppery:

In case you want to take this ultra-warm-tone trend a step further, citrus hair is totally a thing now, and Instagram is loving it just as much. Back in the makeup realm, there's another Instagram eye-makeup trend that requires no eyeshadow at all but will definitely make a statement: just dot some liquid lipsticks in a wavy line above your crease for a polka-dot look that's 100-percent mesmerizing. (P.S. For that look, you might just find a few new favorite colors to use from Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian's second Kylie Cosmetics Koko collection, featuring liquid lipsticks in super-bright orange and neon pink shades.)

This story originally appeared on Glamour.

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