How Instagram Fitness Star Brittany Perille Yobe Maintains the Roundest Butt Ever

Photo: Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

Brittany Perille Yobe launched her Instagram account in 2013 to share photos of her chiseled core in the morning, when she thinks her abs look best. But now that she’s acquired 708,000 followers and counting, she may be even more famous for her butt and the hardcore workout videos she posts to prove that her butt is 100 percent natural, built solely in the gym.

Yobe has been a certified fitness trainer since college, when she trained clients between classes and her own workouts. She was inspired by her mom, a fitness trainer who worked out daily and encouraged her daughter to eat healthy, unprocessed foods. recently spoke to the fitness star about her buns and the habits that keep her looking sexy AF on Instagram and IRL.

How often do followers accuse you of having a fake butt?
There are quite a few non-believers. It’s actually opened my eyes because I never thought my progress was that dramatic.

I post glutes exercise videos day after day to show people that while genetics do play an important role in determining the size of your glutes, significantly growing the muscles is absolutely possible.

How often do you train your butt and how?
I train my glutes up to three times a week for up to an hour and fifteen minutes with about 10 different glutes exercises that isolate the muscles by working them from various angles.

My favorite butt exercise is most definitely the most effective one: the barbell hip thrust.

I’ve gotten up to thrusting 315 pounds. I also do deadlifts, keeping the weight relatively low because I don’t want to build bulky muscle in my midsection, and stiff-legged deadlifts, which deliver amazing results to the hamstrings without requiring heavy loads.

After lifting in the morning, I go back to the gym in the afternoon or evening to do 30 to 45 minutes of cardio, plus stretching, yoga, and foam rolling because it alleviates soreness and aids in muscle recovery. I stick to this twice-a-day gym schedule six days a week, but work different muscle groups every day. Sometimes I go to the gym on Sundays too, but just to stretch. After eight weeks on this routine, which takes a major toll on the body and mind, I take a week off from heavy lifting to let my body recharge.

What’s the biggest misconception about getting a better butt?
That squats are the best booty-building exercise. No. This is not accurate. Of course, squats engage the glutes, but compound movements such as squats and lunges train more of the quads, lower back, and hamstrings, so they won’t automatically result in greater glutes.

Who takes your photos and videos at the gym?
I take a lot of my own videos in the gym using an iPhone tripod I bought so I could stop interrupting friends to hold my phone. I often have to get into awkward positions, so I’ve gotten really used to people staring. I guess it can be shocking for people at my gym to see my body in certain positions, but I think over time they’ve gotten used to me and my workouts. I’ve still had many videos ruined by someone walking by in the background with a trance look on their face.

Why is your face covered or out of frame in so many of your Instagram posts?
My pictures and videos are constantly circulating around social media. I’m not sure how far I’ll make it in the world of fitness or how fitness famous I could become on social media, so it’s important for me to maintain privacy and keep a low profile in my daily life for now.

What do you eat on a typical day of training?
Because I lift such heavy weights, my body is constantly burning calories and I need to eat every two to three hours. I eat a Quest bar and take a multivitamin before I go to the gym in the morning. After my morning workout, I drink a Legion whey protein shake with a banana. For lunch, I eat chicken with brown rice and bok choy. Before I go back to the gym, I’ll have some rice cakes with a little bit of peanut butter. After cardio, I drink a shake made with amino acids. For dinner, I’ll have more chicken, with sweet potatos and bok choy. Then I’ll eat another protein bar or drink a Legion whey protein shake. I also eat a slow-digesting protein - usually Greek yogurt - right before bed (and sometimes in bed) to stop my body from going into starvation mode while I sleep so my body doesn’t start breaking down my muscles to fuel basic functions.

My diet is very repetitive: I follow a Legion Athletics meal plan that’s customized to make sure I eat the right amount of fat, protein, carbs for my body type. I tend to avoid FODMAPS [Editor’s note: These are sugars that occur in soft cheeses, wheat, garlic, onions, legumes, certain fruits and vegetables, and artificial sweeteners, and upset some people’s stomachs when eaten in excess] to avoid bloating. When I eat out, I try to go to places that serve the same foods I’d be eating at home.

Don’t you get so bored eating the same thing every day?!
Oh, of course, but eating this way means I know exactly how many calories I’m consuming, and makes grocery shopping and cooking a heck of a lot easier and quicker.

I also eat a treat meal once a week (or more often when I’m not trying to cut weight for summer or a photo shoot). My go-to cheat food is pizza; I don’t think I could ever get sick of it. I push myself a little harder in the gym knowing that pizza is one day away. It makes the meal taste that much greater.

How do you handle cravings?
I have a pretty big sweet tooth, but I’ve learned how to adjust my meal plan to make room for desserts and treats every now and then. If I know I’ll be eating a dinner that’s higher in carbohydrates or fat, I will cut down my lunchtime carbs or fat to balance everything out. If I eat more calories than I’m supposed to in one day, I’ll kick a little more butt during cardio or cut my calories the next day. It’s all about balance.

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