Instagram Is In A Fierce Debate After Kourtney Kardashian Put Her Food On The Bathroom Floor

kourtney kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian's Bathroom Food Sparks DebateGetty Images - Getty Images
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The Kardashians have divided the internet once again. And this time around, it isn't for a reason you would expect. There's no Marilyn Monroe dress or surprise wedding. Instead, Kourtney Kardashian Barker has fans debating whether it's okay to eat food in the bathroom—or even have it there in the first place.

On Monday, she posted a series of seemingly casual pics on Instagram as part of a photo dump. There she is washing her face. There she is enjoying a warm bath. And in another pic we see that she's turned the bathroom floor into a Golden Corral. Wait, what??

That's right, if you scroll through the photos, you'll likely stop at the one that includes a full spread of dishes, including chicken tenders, strawberries, and cheesecake, on the bathroom floor. Even more painful is the sandwich casually resting on top of the toilet.

As you can likely expect, the chaotic photo has people in a frenzy. Kardashian's photos have since received well over 5,000 comments, with many people quick to judge the reality star for her bathroom spread.

"That bathroom scene is what nightmares are made of," wrote one commenter.

kourtney kardashian's bathroom food
@kourtneykardash / Instagram

One Instagram user came to her defense, comparing having food in the bathroom to bringing your phone.

"People are commenting about food in the bathroom but you take your phone in the bathroom and then have it at the table taking pics of your food…same difference. Let Kourt live!" they wrote.

"eww. Don’t care how many maids you have, and how clean it is. I ain’t eating off the bathroom floor or toilet seat," someone else wrote.

Let's hear it. Are you Team Tenders on the Toilet, or is food in the bathroom gross?

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