Insta-famous Pomeranian might be a dog yoga master

Emerald Pellot

Vegas is an Insta-famous Pomeranian. Vegas Stories is the tiny dog’s diary where he showcases his tricks,  like navigating a toilet paper maze, and where he flaunts some  pretty dope outfits. Besides always sporting a perfectly groomed haircut (seriously, not a stray or uneven hair to be found) Vegas is also surprisingly skilled in yoga. 

“Doing yoga and stretching is my daily routine that makes me more flexible,” a video caption said.

In the clip, Vegas stands on a rug and kicks out his hind legs, switching from left to right. It hilariously really looks as though he’s doing yoga. Each kick is done with intention, like a lengthy stretch. Vegas even lingers on some of the stretches as if he’s working the kinks out.  

Another video shows Vegas continuing his practice on the couch. He kicks his hind legs out a few times. Then he cranes his neck upward and downward, while slightly nuzzling it on the sofa. 

When 9gag reposted the yoga tutorial, it was watched over 1.9 million times. 

“Learn to exercise like this CUTE guy,” one Instagram user wrote

“If I looked this cute doing yoga, I’d do it all the time,” another said

“I dare you not to find this ridiculously cute,” one user commented.

Now, in case you’re wondering: dog yoga is real. While dogs obviously cannot contort themselves into traditional poses, they do enjoy stretching. Many refer to the practice as “Doga.” It’s actually a great way to relax and bond with your favorite canine. 

That’s because stretching has many of the same benefits for dogs as it does for humans. It can improve the animal’s flexibility and range of motion while also preventing arthritis and ACL injuries as the pet ages. Injured dogs and dogs with hip dysplasia may also find pain relief from the stretching. 

So next time you’re ready to Downward Dog, maybe it’s time to include your furry friend. 

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