Insiders React to Oprah’s Question: “Do You Think Our Democracy Is on the Line?”

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Do You Think Our Democracy Is on the Line?C.J. Burton - Getty Images

In this week’s intention video, Oprah shared, “I’m very worried for our nation, and I’m not just talking about politics. I’m talking about really knowing the difference between right and wrong in every part of our interactions with our fellow humans.” She went on to ask the Insider community, “How are you feeling right now, pre-midterms, about the future of our country? Do you think our democracy is on the line?”

In your answers, many of you echoed her sentiment about where we are headed. Here, some thought-provoking comments from the community.

The future is now

“I feel as if something in our nation/society is headed for more turmoil and division, if we don’t hold on to our democracy. Our nation will become what we don’t want it to be, under autocratic rule. This midterm election is so important, and every one after. The soul of our nation is still on the ballot. We need to think about the future even in the present.” —ANGEL-LA1

Protecting our freedom

“Our democracy seems like a whirlwind spiraling out of control and ready to erupt. I want democracy to be a unified front. All people working together, respecting each individual, and protecting our families and planet. I want to vote for leaders intent on representing all people with honesty and integrity. I fear for my children and granddaughter. Will they ever know the freedoms and especially the safety I have lived with? I am ready and willing to take action to preserve democracy and defend against autocracy. May the universe help me to make wise choices.” —ANNIP333

Knowing we are one

“We are losing the freedom generations before us fought for by not looking through the lens of awareness that we are all connected.” —NOA385930

Hear us roar

“I am gravely concerned about how divided our country has been manipulated into becoming. We may soon move toward another form of government. I'm counting on women to get out to vote and feel our vote will have a significant impact. I feel that the U.S. has lost its moral compass. I see everyday people acting entitled, as if rules and laws don't apply to them. Common decency and compassion is at a record low. I practice the opposite in hopes that I can lead by example. Let's get out and vote out the legislators that do not hold our values!” —FOTODIVA

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