Inside Best Buy's 'Restocking Fee' For Select Returns

Many customers are now becoming aware of Best Buy’s sneaky extra surcharge (also deemed a “restocking fee” for select returns), as reported by the US Sun. 

The electronics retailer will charge customers $45 to bring back any purchased (and opened) activatable devices, the outlet notes, and there might be a return fee for other tech items— 15 percent of what the original purchase cost was.

Naturally, many shoppers are continuing to express their disdain for this surcharge on Twitter. Here’s what we know about the restocking fee:





Inside Best Buy's Restocking Fee For Returned Devices

The company noted that the only exception to the restocking fee is if someone is returning a prepaid phone.

The US Sun notes that the following items are subject to this surcharge: drones, DSLR cameras and lenses, mirrorless cameras and lenses, electric bikes, electric mopeds, leg and body recovery systems, premium camcorders, projectors and/ or screens and other special-order products.

The publication has a helpful example, as well: "if you happen to buy a projector for $100, you will get back $85 before taxes," they calculated.

Best Buy customers in Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and South Carolina luckily won't ever have to pay a restocking fee, as laws in these states prohibit this kind of charge.

If you live in any of the other 43 US states, you can avoid this fee by not opening the item you purchased before returning it.

The Sun also points out that Walmart has similar sneaky fees, with extra charges in states with in-store plastic bags and for delivery.

Sam's Club, too, now has an "automatic surcharge" on memberships, according to the outlet, and Costco also charges fees for deliveries.

Best Buy Shoppers Deem The Surcharge 'Unfair'

On Twitter, many Best Buy shoppers are sharing their thoughts about its "unfair" restocking fee and extra surcharge for returns.

One user recently wrote, "No thank you, 15% Best Buy restocking fee on returns. Not feeling that one even slightly, I guess I'll just continue to avoid the place."

Someone else added, "I didn’t know Best Buy did a restocking fee. To restock it, it would take a min."

Another agreed, writing, "Best Buy and any place that charges a restocking fee— when you return merchandise you should get all your money back."

One other shopper chimed in: "I still can’t believe @BestBuy sent me TWO iPhones that don’t work but want me to pay a $45 restocking fee."

Another shared a similar experience: "@BestBuy your returns suck." They continued, "Bought a product, had one of your staff in store even go through the manual online with me to verify how things worked, took it home. Didn’t work as advertised. Still had to pay a restocking fee because you said it wasn’t "technically defective.""

Yikes, beware of those extra fees, shoppers!