Right Now: Priyanka Chopra BAFTAS

Priyanka Chopra went braless under her unbuttoned blazer at the 2021 BAFTAs

Video Transcript


- To me it's my life line and something that inspires me. And I think it's helped a lot of people during all of this. And it's kind of great for a little while.

- On the red carpet, only the awards presenters were there in person.

- It's well over a year since I've been on a carpet this color, wearing something of this nature.


- I'll sit him, by the way.

- I'm one of those guys, like I start something, I'll quit. Like I start the podcast, get a few episodes, go back to--

- Why is there no one shouting David, David, David, and taking pictures?

- Do you miss the fans?

- I know. I miss the fans. I miss the fanfare.

- But just to be out here and do what we normally do, I think it's making me feel a little hopeful that you know, we're near to an end.