Innocent Video of Dog Trying to Befriend a Puppet Has People Moved

Dogs are renowned for their pure-hearted nature. Not only do they shower their owners with unconditional love, but they also possess an insatiable curiosity and a profound fascination for other dogs and animals. With proper socialization, dogs are more than willing to make friends with anyone they come across. Even if that "anyone" isn't human.

Just check out the following clip posted to TikTok by @Nanaandthegoose of her adorable dog attempting to make friends at a park. This is just so pure!

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How adorable is he? He wanted to make pals with the dog marionette so badly! What an angel! TikTok users agree and @Mae says, "Dogs will go along with anything they're just happy to be included." @Michelle adorably comments, "Friend shaped." @Dragon adds, "Because the purity of it all. How lucky are humans to be born on the same planet as dogs?" That is so true! @Nayla hilariously says, "My dog is friends with the werewolf Halloween decoration. She just sees anything dog shaped and decides it’s a friend." Awwww, LOL! @Flaming types, "I cannot handle this level of sweetness." @Jengoode comments, "All of their dog marionettes make me weepy for some reason. So sweet that your dog got to meet one!!!"

The amazing dog marionette was created by @BobBakermarionettes and you can see more of their puppets in action on their page. This one they posted of their "dogs" is just too cool!

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It's stories like this that always make us think we just don't deserve dogs. They are just so pure and wonderful.

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