Injustice 2 meme emphasizes TikTokers’ favorite sayings

A sequence from the video game Injustice 2 is trending on TikTok as users relay popular catchphrases.

The meme centers on Dr. Fate, a character in the game. The video used for the template is his victory pose. In the video game, Fate makes symbols appear when he pushes his hands forward. TikTokers replaced the symbols with words and made a trending meme.

Several sounds have credits to the template on TikTok, but it has over 328,000 uses on CapCut.

Many people used the trend to share that they must get some type of dessert after eating a full meal.

“Life is too short to not eat dessert,” said @marcosthemouth.

TikTokers let their true personalities come through in this template, showing the coded phrase introverts use when invited somewhere.

“Already knew my answer before you asked,” said @supherbe_.

This meme evolved into sharing common cultural expressions, with Black users sharing phrases.

“Vice versa with heat tho lol. ‘Y’all not cold?’,” said @_cynergy.

“Why are these so accurate,” replied @kenn_dolll.

“I haven’t seen one of these incorrect yet,” said @blackron38.

Many of these videos use the #thingsblackpeoplesay, which has over 8.3 million views. Black TikTok took this trend and let the app in on generational phrases.

This sequence used to show victory in a video game but is now a canvas to share cultures.

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