Injured Dog Named Lucky Found Abandoned on Train Tracks Seeks Forever Home

Injured Dog Named Lucky Found Abandoned on Train Tracks Seeks Forever Home
Injured Dog Named Lucky Found Abandoned on Train Tracks Seeks Forever Home
injured dog
injured dog

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An injured dog named Lucky is fighting to prove he’s worthy of his name after surviving abandonment in Pennsylvania.

A Mysterious Discovery

The Pit Bull mix was found on the train tracks in close proximity to the Lawndale SEPTA station in Montgomery County. Members of the Philly Rescue Angels discovered the dog there and named him Lucky. Initially, they believed a train had hit him.

“When we got there, he wasn’t able to move. His back leg was immobile,” Sidara Son, a member of the Philly Rescue Angels, told NBC10.

But then the group also came upon a collar and leash nearby, details which made Son suspect abuse. “I think that they dumped him to hide the fact that they broke his back,” Son said. “And used the train to cover up the fact that they hurt him.”

Lucky was treated for deep scrapes, broken teeth, and a severe spinal cord injury at Penn Vet. Here, he will undergo orthopedic surgery. Sadly, doctors don’t believe the dog will be able to walk again.

“We get a good medical foster and the surgery goes well, he would have a long road to recovery but he could be okay and live in a wheelchair,” Bridget Deacon of the Philly Rescue Angels told NBC10.

Fundraiser for Injured Dog

The rescue group recently posted an update on Facebook begging for the community’s help with Lucky’s medical bills, which could top $35,000.

“Lucky was seen by the orthopedic doctors today. They said this is the worst spinal fracture they have ever seen by far. We are getting Lucky surgery, however the surgery would just be to eliminate pain, this will not repair anything, as his injury is just way too severe to be fixed. He has broken teeth, & some deep scrapes that need to be addressed. His surgery will be a lengthy surgery, so they cannot do it until Friday Morning. He is also at risk for Myelomalacia, which is fatal and is a result of a severe spinal chord injury, it’s when there is an impaired blood supply to the spinal cord, this develops quickly and aggressively. As of right now, Lucky is receiving pain meds, and they are keep him comfortable until they take him to surgery Friday morning,” the post read.

“We have received many messages of people wanting to adopt or foster Lucky, but we would like to make everyone aware that Lucky will need extensive after care. He will need someone willing to express his bowels, as he has nerve damage now to the colon & bladder. He will need to likely be carried, or helped around. We are looking at 8 weeks or more of a recovery period, most likely bed rested. Lucky will not just receive wheels after this and be a perfect dog, he will need someone willing to help him through recovery,” the post continued.

The Surgery Costs

The surgery alone clocks in at $15,000. Then there’s overnight stays in the ICU, which come in at $1,000 a night, plus medications and fluids. As a result, the group is asking for donations to go towards Lucky’s medical bills.

Once he has recuperated to the fullest extent physically, he will be in need of a forever home. It’s going to be a long, hard road for Lucky, but the Philly Rescue Angels are rooting for him.

“He fought to live and we’re going to fight for him,” Son said.

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