This Influencer Just Photoshopped Out Her Cellulite...and Then Put It Back In



Karina Irby has garnered nearly a million followers for sharing unretouched photos of her body and showing off her cellulite and eczema scars. Her posts are a reminder to embrace the skin you're in and to not get stuck comparing your body to others you see on Instagram. Recently, the fitness influencer opened up about why it's so important for women to be unafraid of showing off their true, raw, and authentic selves.

"I like to post content online of what I want to see more of on social media," she recently wrote on Instagram alongside a video. Like so many of her other posts, the video shows Irby posing naturally in a bikini compared to her body retouched to remove her cellulite and smoothen out her skin.

"I'm not doing this for attention or likes," she wrote. "I'm doing this because for my entire teens/early 20s, I was brainwashed into thinking that this was beautiful and that I needed to look this way too be liked by boys, be popular, wear nice clothes etc. I WISH I could have seen someone flaunt their natural 'flaws,' just to show me that they aren't flaws at all." (Related: This Woman Is Transforming Her "Flaws" Into Works of Art)

So often women are told hide what makes them different, whether that's their stomach rolls, thighs, loose skin, or body hair. Through her powerful posts, Irby is encouraging women to stop viewing these things as flaws and to start embracing them. Because at the end of the day, every body deserves to be celebrated.