Influencer fires back at OnlyFans subscribers who called her a 'scammer'

An influencer is facing backlash for allegedly posting reused content to her new OnlyFans account. Corrina Kopf, a 25-year-old internet personality who used to be a YouTuber but has found more success on Facebook and Instagram in recent years, launched an OnlyFans on June 9. On June 3, Kopf tweeted that she would start an OnlyFans profile if she reached 500,000 likes on that post. she had just passed 428,000 likes, but she launched the page anyway. It seems that some users presumed that the content she would post on the platform would be exclusive to OnlyFans and not shared elsewhere. because they were disappointed that many of the photos featured on her profile had allegedly been featured on her Instagram page in the past. This led to backlash from some subscribers, who accused her of being a "scammer". "U just posting ig content this a L scam," a twitter user commented. A few hours later, Kopf defended her page and urged her followers to be patient. According to Newsweek, she then said she would post a link for 10 people to get a free, one-month subscription to her OnlyFans. The post seems to be deleted now