Influencer finds out TV show used her Instagram photo in scene

An influencer was stunned to learn that an Instagram photo of her and her boyfriend was used without her permission in a Chinese TV drama. Rianne Meijer showed her TikTok followers the original picture of her and her boyfriend, Roy Atiya, posing on a trip in Switzerland. But then one of Meijer's followers was apparently watching the drama Summer Again when she noticed the exact photo in a frame in one of the scenes — but with one major change. Meijer's face was covered with the actress's face. The clip has been watched over 3 million times with commenters going crazy over the show's choice to not use a stock photo. "There are SO many couple stock photos," one person said. "WHYYY would they go to this effort?". "OMG they better pay you," another commenter wrote. The show ultimately apologized to Meijer and everyone had a good laugh