What Inflation? Horizon Fitness’ Award-Winning Smart Treadmill Is Still $999 This August

It might surprise you, but the fitness industry has been one of the marketplaces most heavily impacted by inflation, supply chain delays and shortages. It takes many components to build a top-notch spin bike, treadmill or rower, and these disruptions have led to many top brands raising prices on their most in-demand products. One notable exception to this trend? Horizon Fitness.

Horizon Fitness is already known for affordable, high-quality fitness gear that serves as a more budget-friendly option compared to luxury brands like Peloton and NordicTrack, which offer their machines for thousands of dollars. As other brands raise their prices and struggle to fill orders (we’re looking at you, Peloton), Horizon is continuing to offer their award-winning 7.0AT Treadmill for $999, an incredible 50% reduction for the summer. If you want a world-class, commercial-quality treadmill with Bluetooth connectivity for under $1,000, the Horizon Fitness 7.0AT is ready to run.

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Keep reading to learn more about all the features this machine offers (aka the same features that other brands charge thousands for). By the time you’re done, you’ll understand why the award-winning Horizon Fitness 7.0AT Treadmill is such a bargain.

Horizon Fitness treadmill
Horizon Fitness treadmill

Buy: Horizon Fitness 7.0AT Treadmill $999.00


Horizon Fitness 7.0AT Treadmill: A High-Value, Affordable Machine

The Horizon Fitness 7.0AT Treadmill is built to check many boxes for a high-value, at-home gym purchase. It has an extra-wide and long 20″ x 60″ running belt surface, so you’ve got plenty of space to walk, jog and run. The treadmill is designed with a responsive Rapid Sync drive system that eliminates lag as you speed up or slow down. It also has Quick Dial controls that make it easy to adjust your speed and incline. Finally, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, streaming music and fitness classes is no problem.

In our review of the Peloton app, we noted that the best way to take advantage of Peloton wasn’t to buy their bike, but rather to use the Peloton app while exercising on more affordable equipment. The Horizon Fitness treadmill easily syncs up with fitness classes on the Peloton app, among others.

Here are a few more features of the 7.0AT we can’t help but highlight.

  • Bluetooth and Gadget Connectivity: The 7.0AT Treadmill is built for connecting with your preferred devices, with advanced Bluetooth technology, a tablet/device holder, media controls on the machine and a built-in charging port. Horizon has you covered if you’re looking for a more affordable machine where you can still stream your favorite Peloton or iFit instructors.

  • User-Friendly Controls: One of the most intimidating parts of being on a treadmill can be knowing how to speed up, slow down and change the incline. The 7.0AT has intuitive, Quick Dial controls made to make speed or incline changes fast and easy, and you can pre-set levels at the beginning of your workout that’ll shift with just the press of a button.

  • Rapid Sync Drive System: The responsive drive runway system we mentioned earlier is made for keeping up with streamed classes. Speed up to a sprint from a walk or vice versa with just a swipe of your palm, so you never miss an interval or recovery mid-training session.

  • Add-On Heart-Rate Monitoring: For an additional $49, you can buy the Horizon Fitness heart rate monitor, which connects via Bluetooth to your treadmill as well as apps like Zwift and Peloton.

  • Performance Training: For serious athletes, this treadmill goes up to 12MPH and a 15% incline.

Horizon Fitness 7.0AT treadmill
Horizon Fitness 7.0AT treadmill


How To Lock in the $999 Price

This summer, Horizon Fitness is offering its 7.0 treadmill for $999, a 50% reduction from the full retail price. Right now, you can purchase the 7.0 Advanced Training treadmill directly on the Horizon Fitness website. In addition, with Horizon financing, you can purchase this treadmill for as little as $28/month.

Buy: Horizon Fitness 7.0AT Treadmill $999.00

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