This inexpensive hack keeps folded clothing from falling over

Folding clothes is a never-ending chore — and

not only because laundry is always piling up.

Aside from laundry day chores, even the

tidiest people have to constantly fold and

refold piles of clothing on closet shelves.

Sweaters and tees commonly

spill over when stacked, leading

to unorganized chaos in the closet.

There’s a simple hack, however,

to keeping your clothing in neatly

formed piles: acrylic shelf dividers.

Acrylic dividers allow you to neatly organize your

shelves, keeping your clothing piles straight and

square. The dividers simply hook onto existing shelves.

allowing you to customize the

width between two dividers. Clear acrylic

dividers give the illusion nothing is there.

making your closet look crisp, clean and effortlessly perfect. Whether you are storing piles of falling sweaters or want clutches to sit upright, these dividers do the trick.

Clear Shelf Divider.

Elfa Décor Shelf Divider.

Acrylic Two-Piece Shelf Dividers.

Acrylic Two-Piece Shelf Dividers