Indiana Ski Area Closes For The Season

Paoli Peaks Ski Resort, Indiana, closed for the season yesterday, February 25th, per a recent social media announcement.

While the resort didn't specify a reason for closing in its announcement, it's clear a lack of snow was the primary factor. Paoli Peaks' webcams currently display a thin strip of snow surrounded by bare grass. The resort opened for the 2023-2024 ski season on January 17th.

Paoli Peaks' weather forecast calls for stunningly warm temperatures in the coming days, with a high near 70 degrees Fahrenheit possible tomorrow.

Last winter, Paoli Peaks also closed for the season in February due to warm weather, preventing snow-making operations, according to the Courier Journal.

Despite the warm statewide conditions—Indianapolis is poised to hit 70 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow—Perfect North Slopes, another Indiana ski resort, remains open.

The lack of snow isn't limited to Indiana. Jonathan Erdman, a senior meteorologist for, shared on February 23rd that snow cover across the lower 48 was the lowest by aerial extent in 21 years.

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