This Incredible U.S. Cruise Brings You to 12 Glaciers in 8 Days — 21-mile-long Glaciers Included

Alaska Dream Cruises just announced the epic new Ice of the Inside Passage itinerary, which visits the Mendenhall glacier, among other once-in-a-lifetime sights.

<p>John Engelman/Courtesy of Alaskan Dream Cruises</p>

John Engelman/Courtesy of Alaskan Dream Cruises

An Alaskan adventure operator just unveiled a new trip that will take visitors to some of the state's most awe-inspiring destinations. The cruise itinerary from Alaskan Dream Cruises will sail past an eye-popping dozen glaciers over eight days.

<p>Mint Images - Art Wolfe/Getty Images</p>

Mint Images - Art Wolfe/Getty Images

The newly available Ice of the Inside Passage trip is a brand-new offering from the Alaska Native–owned cruise line, which has been operating small-ship trips around the state for more than a decade.

“Glacier viewing is among the top reasons travelers visit Alaska in the first place, and guests can’t seem to get enough on each expedition,” says Jamey Cagle, the owner and president of Alaskan Dream Cruises, in an exclusive interview with Travel + Leisure.

<p>Douglas Sacha/Getty Images</p>

Douglas Sacha/Getty Images

“They carry a mystique and have a unique ability to really capture the imagination,” Cagle adds. “Many have witnessed their power through TV shows or documentaries, but realize it’s probably nothing compared to experiencing the real thing — which is true.”

In order to get visitors as close as possible to the ice, Alaskan Dream will operate its eight-day glacier-watching cruises with the 49-passenger Baranof Dream, a smaller vessel that can navigate waterways that wouldn’t be accessible on a supersize cruise ship.

<p>Courtesy of Alaskan Dream Cruises</p>

Courtesy of Alaskan Dream Cruises

<p>Courtesy of Alaskan Dream Cruises</p>

Courtesy of Alaskan Dream Cruises

“This promises to be an incredible Alaskan experience,” Cagle tells T+L. “Guests will see tidewater glaciers, glistening icebergs, towering cliffs, and wildlife. We’re also excited about the high-speed jet boat tour to the LeConte Glacier, which is part of the itinerary.”

The trip, which will be offered for the first time in May 2024, will depart from Sitka, Alaska, and end in Ketchikan. Along the way, passengers will see Glacier Bay National Park, as well as famous fjords including Endicott Arm and Tracy Arm.

“I can’t say enough about the Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness,” Cagle notes. “Glacier Bay has the worldwide fame as a national park — and it is remarkable — but Tracy Arm has so much packed into a relatively small geographic space.”

<p>Wolfgang Kaehler/Getty Images</p>

Wolfgang Kaehler/Getty Images

Though natural wonders are the focus of the itinerary, there will also be plenty of time for cultural excursions, according to Alaskan Dream. On a port call in the village of Kasaan, for example, travelers visit a 19th-century Haida longhouse, said to be the last remaining structure of its kind in the United States. “That’s important to us,” Cagle says.

Over the course of the eight-day trip, which also includes a visit to Alaska’s capital, Juneau, travelers will have a chance to see 3,000-year-old glaciers like Mendenhall, and the 21-mile-long Margerie glacier.

Fares for the Ice of the Inside Passage cruise start at $5,670 per person. The trip will run seven times between May and August 2024. Other Alaskan Dream Cruises trips for 2024 are, for the time being, on sale at 2023 rates.

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