Ina Garten's #1 Ice Cream Hack Creates a Fancy Dessert Fast

Do you need a refreshing dessert to serve on repeat this summer? One that's a) easy to make, b) requires no cooking whatsoever and c) is guaranteed to be loved by everyone? Once again, Ina Garten, known for her effortless entertaining tips, has you covered.

Garten shared, what I am considering her best her best dessert hack ever, on The Today Show and it's been on my mind ever since. As the heat begins to rise and the long hot nights quickly approach, I decided now is as good a time as ever to give this a try.  And I'm so happy I did. This effortless sophisticated dessert, assembled completely from store-bought ingredients, will be on repeat at my house all summer long.

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Ingredients needed<p>Theresa Greco</p>
Ingredients needed

Theresa Greco

Ina Garten's Boozy Ice Cream Dessert Hack

Garten suggests starting with a few scoops of your favorite vanilla ice cream, drizzling the ice cream with some limoncello, AKA lemon liqueur and pairing this with the most famous Italian cookie ever, the biscotti. Of course, all three ingredients can be DIY, but even Garten agrees store bought is fine in this instance. I can honestly say "I Tried It" and the combination of creaminess, crunch and the smidgen of alcohol is amazing. But why stop there?

Add Limoncello<p>Theresa Greco</p>
Add Limoncello

Theresa Greco

How To Make It Your Own

While Ina's combo was super refreshing and tasted fabulous, I couldn't help but think about what other spin I could come up with. Going through my bar cart, I came up with a few other blends that worked equally as well. Keeping the infamous biscotti the same, I tried the vanilla ice cream with both hazelnut and espresso liqueur. Both were good but the "AHA" moment for me came when I substituted the vanilla ice cream for chocolate. I would say that the chocolate drizzled with Frangelico was easily my favorite combination of them all.

My favorite <p>Theresa Greco</p>
My favorite

Theresa Greco

Channeling my own inner Ina Garten, I served the ice cream straight up in Nick and Nora Cocktail Glasses, for extra flair and elegance. The presentation was a huge hit with my family and friends.

Vanilla & Chocolate<p>Theresa Greco</p>
Vanilla & Chocolate

Theresa Greco

My Final Thoughts

Although this sweet treat may not be on Garten's 5 Best Desserts list, it is definitely worth making. Don't let the simple ingredients fool you, this confection will be the best and most delicious part of your summer entertaining!

Ina Garten Ice Cream Hack<p>Theresa Greco</p>
Ina Garten Ice Cream Hack

Theresa Greco

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