These are important tech safety protocols for protesting

This tech influencer is teaching everyone important tech security measures for protesting.

Video Transcript

REY: If you're going to protest, please watch this. We are the techie side of TikTok. This is how to secure your devices and your identify while protesting.

One, do not post on social media about your attendance or your whereabouts. Do not click attending on Facebook events. Cops go through these to make arrests weeks to months after protests. Two, download the Signal app to communicate with your friends.

They encrypt your messages and will automatically delete them after a certain period of time. Disable location services on all of your apps. Most of them track you in the background. But don't put your phone totally on airplane mode, so that you can still be reached by your friends.

Disable the fingerprint or facial ID lock on your phone. Use passcode only. Cops have been known to force people to unlock their phone in this [? method. ?] Write the number of the ACLU or a local lawyer who is supporting protesters on your skin in case your phone dies or gets confiscated. Do not write the number of anybody you know. This can be used to track them and you.

Wear a face mask to protect against the virus and against facial recognition software. Cover any distinguishing tattoos or features, including special hair colors, et cetera. Also, blur these features out of the videos that you post of your fellow protesters to protect them too, not just their faces, these features. Leave your phone locked when filming and taking pictures. Wipe metadata from your photos by screenshotting them and posting the screenshots.

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