I'm a Flight Attendant, and These Are the 3 Products That Keep My Skin Hydrated

Here's how one flight attendant stays fresh and dewy from takeoff to landing.

<p>Courtesy of Respective Retailers</p>

Courtesy of Respective Retailers

Flying is notoriously rough on your skin. According to the World Health Organization, plane humidity levels are rather low — usually less than 20 percent — while at home, that number is normally more than 30 percent. This, the organization noted, can cause "skin dryness and discomfort to the eyes, mouth, and nose." Fear not, as it doesn't present a major health risk, but it can be uncomfortable. The agency suggested using both a nasal spray and moisturizers to combat dryness. But which should you use? Vera Pruitt, who has worked as a flight attendant for eight years (and is a budding social media star), has the answer.

"The cabin air sucks all of the moisture out of your skin. It's awful," Pruitt shared with Travel + Leisure. "I'm very particular about what I use. I have three products [by] Follain that I swear by."

Pruitt's love for the Boston-based skin care brand (now owned by Credo) starts with its Ultra Hydrating Mask, which the company said comes with "two types of sodium hyaluronate and phospholipids [to] help attract and lock in moisture for supple-looking skin."

"It's a mask, but I use it as a moisturizer to lock in everything so the cabin air isn't sucking all of the moisture out of my skin," Pruitt shared.

Another product Pruitt loves is the Great Skin Instant Glow Serum by Merit. "It's incredible. It plumps up your skin immediately, and I don't know what it is, but something about it makes your makeup go on flawlessly," Pruitt added.

As for her hands, Pruitt keeps it simple with Trader Joe's Head to Toe Moisturizing Balm. "It's very, very thick, which is what I want when flying. I notice the thinner moisturizers and lotions just don't really do it," Pruitt said. "My skin either soaks it up, or just when handling and touching things, it goes away. What I love to do is put this balm on before I put on gloves to do service or trash, and it works like a hand mask."

One more thing Pruitt said she always keeps in her bag is a face spray to feel refreshed post-flight. "It's the Josh Rosebrook's Hydrating Accelerator. This is the only facial mist I've found to actually work," she said, "And it smells incredible."

Follow along on Pruitt's high-flying adventures, and see more of her in-flight beauty tips on TikTok.

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