'I'm so fed up': The 'A' word Diane Lane, 53, hates, and the skin care she loves

Diane Lane takes great care of her skin, but she doesn’t like to call the products she uses “anti-aging.” (Photo: Getty Images)
Diane Lane takes great care of her skin, but she doesn’t like to call the products she uses “anti-aging.” (Photo: Getty Images)

At 53, Diane Lane knows a thing or two about aging gracefully — just don’t use a certain word around her.

“I don’t use the ‘A’ word, as in anti-aging,” she tells the New York Times. “I just remove myself from those associations. I’m so fed up with the marketing of fear.” The actress admits that being “exposed to so much product,” courtesy of lavish beauty gift bags at events and makeup artists on set, comes with the gig, and it’s something she’s come to terms with. “I would probably spend more time on other things if I could, but then, I make a living on my face, so there are different criteria when it comes to a beauty regimen.”

She may not use the word, but Lane sure knows her stuff when it comes to anti-aging skin care. “When it comes to choosing which skin care products I use, I keep going back to the women I actually have a whole lot of respect for,” she says. “They are facialists who have their own product lines. I throw in some other stuff too, but in general, they are my tried and true.”

The late Arcona Devan, who also founded her namesake line, prepped her skin on the day of her Oscar nomination, and Lane has remained loyal to the brand since. Lane sees the current owner, Chanel Janae, at the Los Angeles spa. Her favorites include the Lavender Hydrasol ($60), which Lane uses in the morning to refresh her skin, the Toner Tea Bar ($42) for cleansing at night, and the Peptide Hydrating Complex AM/PM ($75).

“You can’t be a New Yorker without knowing about Tracie Martyn,” she adds about her East Coast skin guru. “I wish I knew to be gentle with my epidermis when I was 20 and had oily skin.” When she’s not using the Arcona bar to cleanse, she uses Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser ($65) with a Foreo Luna Mini facial cleansing brush ($99).

The third facialist Lane sees is her “beloved” Beverly Hills-based Verabella. “She is Russian and the real deal. She has many products I swear by,” says Lane. “I won’t go into all of them because people will realize I have a cosmetics problem, and I don’t want to out myself just yet.” The actress does say that the Bella Rosa Calming Cream ($88) and Cucumber Aloe Moisture Screen SPF 45 ($48) are standouts from the line.

The two skin care items Lane also loves when she’s not using products from her favorite facialists around the country include an oil and an organic serum: Spa Technologies Regenerative Oil ($42) and Eminence Organic Skin Care Stone Crop Serum ($48).

With such an extensive skin care routine, it’s no wonder that Lane doesn’t wear makeup regularly. “I really enjoy loving my naked face,” she says, calling her makeup a “mask” and praising her “days off” from the glam process. “When you’re constantly required to have a quota of glamour, you just want to put on your blue jeans, no makeup, and feel cute,” she says. “Then you can appreciate the miracle of mascara when you have to be on again.”

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