I'm a Dietitian & These Are My Favorite New Soup Recipes

We are in the throes of soup season, and I'm really leaning into having a cozy bowl for dinner most nights. There are several reasons that soup is so beloved in the winter months and beyond. It can be pulled together with whatever vegetables you have laying around—plus some pantry ingredients—for a dinner that tastes complex but is easy and budget-friendly. Not to mention, getting creative with herbs and spices can help you amp up the flavor even more. Also, you can easily make a big batch and freeze half for when you're in a pinch. For example, I've been traveling a lot lately (for work and otherwise), so getting home from a long trip and being able to heat up homemade soup for dinner in minutes has been so helpful. And last but certainly not least, the flavor combinations for soup are seemingly endless. Thanks to our recent Souper Bowl poll, we have tons of new and delicious recipes worth trying this winter and spring. Including mouth-watering dishes like Green Chile Chicken Pozole, Vegetarian Lasagna Soup and Kimchi-Tofu Soup with Sesame & Egg, here are my favorite new soup recipes on the site.