I'm a Dietitian & These Are 12 Budget-Friendly Recipes I Make with a Can of Beans

One of the foods I always keep in my pantry is canned beans, and I consider them a must-have for several reasons. Beans come in many shapes, sizes, flavors and colors, allowing them to be super versatile and work well in a variety of recipes, from tacos to salads to soups. And costing just a few dollars per can, they're one of the most affordable protein sources in the grocery store. Any canned goods are shelf stable for years, so you can easily stock up on them without worrying about them going bad. For me, I find this especially helpful if I'm in a busy stretch where I don't have time to make it to the grocery store—I know that if I have beans on hand, I can usually whip up a filling and nutritious meal. Not to mention, beans are incredibly nutritious. They're packed with plant-based protein, fiber and numerous vitamins and minerals our bodies need to thrive. Research has touted them as being the number one food for longevity, to boot! And last but not least, beans can be really flavorful and satisfying. The recipes in this list like Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili and Kale & White Bean Potpie with Chive Biscuits are proof that eating more beans can be budget-friendly, filling and downright delicious. For more budget and beginner cooking tips and recipe inspiration, check out Thrifty.