I'm Actually So Embarrassed For These 21 People Who Were So Wrong And So Confident At The Same Time

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1. Whoever made this sign might've gotten fired:

2. I really want to try this restaurant after reading this review:

3. We love a Monday motivation post:

4. I hope whoever said this was corrected:

5. I mean, eclairs do have eggs, so I see why they made that connection:

6. Hopefully, this child will be a better speller than their parent:

7. Sauerkraut is already kinda hard to spell, but this person was nowhere near correct:

8. I really hope this was actually an autocorrect mistake:

9. This person got not just the spelling wrong, but the whole definition, too:

10. You'll be surprised what "aunt rap runner" was actually supposed to be:

11. I can't even understand how this typo came to be:

12. Sally Manilla sounds like it could be a drag queen's name:

13. I don't think I've ever tried this dessert before:

14. How did this person think this made sense?:

15. At least this person left an honest review:

16. I relate to this person trying to beat the Instagram algorithm:

17. Now this is a misspelling that they can't even try to blame on autocorrect:

18. They had the wrong words, but they had the right message:

19. This person was clearly not as well-versed in Mexican food as they thought:

20. I hope this wasn't their whole tip:

21. And lastly, this HUGE misunderstanding:

H/T r/BoneAppleTea