IKEA teamed up with ROG for a new line of gaming furniture. Yes, IKEA.

IKEA announced that it has partnered with Republic of Gamers to release a new line of gaming furniture. With their powers combined, now we can get Swedish meatballs and maybe a nice desk with some attached outlets. IKEA’s press release said that there will be about 30 products in the line-up but haven’t revealed anything more. It seems safe to assume that there will at least be desks and chairs. IKEA’s press release emphasized how affordable its gaming items will be. The news was met with some good-natured trolling on Reddit. “Now you can rage quit before you even start playing,” a Redditor said in the /r/esports thread, referring to the frustration that can come with assembling IKEA furniture. “Interesting to see the Skårsborkmältidenvaktjäger Gaming Chair,” another Redditor joked. The IKEA x ROG gaming line is set to launch on February 2021 in China and October 2021 in other markets