IHOP Is Adding Alcohol To Their Menu So Get Ready For The Best Boozy Brunch Ever

You know when you drag yourself to a diner in the late morning after a long (albeit, fun) night out? You fill your tummy with lots of pancakes, bacon, French toast, sausage, maple syrup and orange juice—basically anything and everything to fill up your stomach.

Well now, you can get the hair of the dog at IHOP along with all those carbs and breakfast meats. The new “Bubbles, Wine & Brews” menu will be added to certain IHOP locations around the country. Mimosas and pancakes, anyone?

Beer, wine, and brunch staples grace the new boozy menu. So far, brands like Barefoot, Bud Light, Blue Moon, and Corona will be available, along with locally brewed beers in your area if your regional IHOP so chooses.

Alright, so booze at IHOP? We are so down for that. Here’s the bad news. It may not be at your neighborhood restaurant—yet. This week, alcohol will be added to the menu of two locations in New Mexico. In September, a San Diego-based IHOP will also jump on board the boozy bus. Because IHOPs are franchises, each restaurant can also choose to bring this menu on. This means getting their own liquor license and training staff to card customers. But soon, restaurants in New York, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Ohio will be able to get tipsy too.

This is the first push to put alcohol on the chain’s menus nationally. Back in 2018, an IHOP in Phoenix started serving alcohol on their menu, followed by one in Las Vegas in 2020, and Los Angeles this year.

Here’s (I)HOPping I can grab a Bloody Mary next time I order my small stack and syrup.

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