Ignorant Trail Runner Approaches Bear Cubs On Trail

When recreating in the wilderness, encountering animals is always a risk. Sometimes these animals can be dangerous.

Bears pose a specific risk to humans. Though they generally do not attack, they can be when they feel threatened. It is important to tread lightly around them.

Watch as a trail runner does not heed these warnings and follows a family of bears down a trail.

In this video, Instagram influencer Laura Gold comes upon some bears on a hillside hiking trail. Rather than give them space, she follows them around a corner. This is especially dangerous because she runs the risk of surprising them. The exposed, narrow nature of the path only means that they might feel more cornered.

The National Park Service has a great guide on how to deal with bears. Gold does not follow these steps. She brazenly ignores the last two tips which tell people who see bears to leave and to not approach bears, especially ones with cubs.

Tips For Bear Country<p>US Forest Service</p>
Tips For Bear Country

US Forest Service

This message is as important for mountain bikers as it is for hikers. As we have seen, Bear attacks are a risk for bikers as well.

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In a later video, Gold showed more footage with a sticker asking why she followed the bear. The caption says that the video answered the question, but I did not quite grasp her reasoning.

Take this video as a reminder not to approach bears in the wild, no matter how cuddly they look

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