Icelandic Tradition of 'Throwing' Puffins Is Not Something You See Every Day

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This is a tradition unlike any other!

When you think of traditions, you probably think of something your family does over the holiday season. Matching PJs on Christmas morning or always going to your grandparents' house for Thanksgiving dinner. Whatever the tradition is, we promise you it doesn't come anywhere near as cool as this tradition in Iceland. It's a tradition that you'll be wanting to join in next summer! 

TikTok user @kyanasue shared with us an Icelandic tradition that might surprise you at first. Her clip starts off with someone throwing a bird off a clip. Now, we know how that sounds. But there's actually a reason for this! At the end of every summer, baby Puffins are born on the Westman Islands. These babies are known as Pufflings. These poor Pufflings are meant to fly to sea, but they end up confusing lights to the moon. So the town comes out to help. And well, what they do is absolutely incredible! Check it out!

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What?! This is one of the coolest things we've ever seen. It's not every day that you see people running around trying to capture Pufflings. LOL! But of course, they're doing this to help the birds. Watching them being released is the best. She wasn't kidding when she said they throw the puffins into the air. The throwing actually helps them start flying! So cool!

"Fun, adorable, being with the community and saving nature - that's a win win win win win," commented @RobintheMurr. Right?! This is a tradition for everyone! 

We definitely aren't the only ones who want to go to Iceland after this clip. "Things keep getting added to my list of reasons to visit Iceland," said @hanthehippie. Besides the insanely incredible views and ability to see the Northern Lights, there is this amazing tradition. What more could you want?! @lndz114 added, "That's it, moving to Iceland. Not just visiting, we're moving! We want to be part of this tradition every year. LOL!