This Hypoallergenic Mattress Will Keep You Cool, Calm, and Collected

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Retailer
Photo credit: Courtesy of Retailer

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  • The Nolah Natural is a premier hypoallergenic mattress that won't break the bank.

  • It's made in the U.S.A. with eco-friendly materials that stifle bacteria growth.

  • The Natural's seven-layer design and Tri-Zone coils provide consistent comfort.

BUYING A MATTRESS has never been easier, but the thought of making such a major investment still made me stressed out. It wasn't until I made the move to New York City that I decided it was time to actually make an upgrade to how I slept—and for good reason. I was experiencing my fair share of back pain, especially on the right side above my hip. I always felt like I was sleeping in a sauna, with my mattress trapping every ounce of body heat instead of helping to keep me cool through the night. By the time my alarm went off, the sheer act of getting out of bed was all-around excruciating. I realized if I wanted to reset my sleep and its effect on my entire day, I couldn't go with a quick-fix anymore. My solution? A hypoallergenic, all-organic mattress called the Nolah Natural, and it's become one of the best investments I've made for my sleep (and in life, in general).

Delivery & Trial Period

What determines a good mattress brand from a great mattress brand is customer service. I hardly knew anything about what a hypoallergenic mattress could do, but after a couple of questions, they said I could benefit from the Natural's hybrid construction and its the level of firmness. Nolah also offers a long 120-night trail period so you don't have to rush into making such an important decision (you can save $100 if you choose to forgo the trail option).

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As for delivery, it's a virtually painless process. Nolah provides free shipping with a delivery time between 1-2 weeks. Delivered in a box, the bed is packaged so it's not entirely compressed down into a crushed, flat piece like some other beds are. Unrolling and cutting off the plastic is a breeze, and after an entire day and evening of setting up the bed, it was easy to kick back and relax on it. Even after one night, I could tell this was a superior product in all the right ways.

Nolah Natural Design & Build

The Nolah Natural mattress was designed for two main reasons: to help sleepers with common allergies and to provide an option for buyers who want a bed made from natural materials. The Natural is 11-inches thick, predominantly made with Talalay latex, organic cotton, and organic wool. In terms of its build, the mattress is a hybrid construction of seven distinct layers. Responsive Tri-Zone coils serve as the main support system, plus two key layers of Talalay latex create targeted support and pressure relief.

In terms of comfort, the Natural is more firm than it is soft. It's got plenty of support, with the latex layers providing just the right amount of added comfort without feeling spongelike (as some mattresses can be). It's certainly an excellent choice for those who like a firm-to-soft mattress, but if you're someone who wants to sink into their bed (like a memory foam mattress) then you might want to explore other options from Nolah.

Why You Should Consider a Hypoallergenic Mattress

If you're someone who has seasonal allergies, pet allergies, and/or other common allergies, a quality hypoallergenic mattress is going to help mitigate these discomforts. As someone very sensitive to all of these allergies listed, it never occurred to me how a mattress can exacerbate those symptoms. The Natural limits allergies largely thanks to its organic cotton and wool, as well as its dense layering.

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The organic cotton and wool helps naturally regulate body temperature and provide cooling, which in turn prevents bacteria growth. The Natural includes a thin layer of wool on the top to stifle bacteria spreading from the start. There's also the Talaley latex, which is dense and made into thin layers on the Natural. This style of design is more efficient when compared to mattresses with pillow tops or fillings, as the open space can harbor dust and pollen and make it easy for bacteria to enter and stay planted in your bed.

The benefits of owning a hypoallergenic mattress might be unseen, but when you opt for the Natural's premium materials and superior design, the payoff is priceless. The Natural has allowed me to breath better, sleep soundly, and achieve an overall healthier bedroom space.

Final Verdict

I'm sticking with this mattress for the long haul. The Natural gives me ample support, propping me up for a balanced sleep no matter if I snooze on my back or side. As for the best surprise about the Natural? It's got a pleasant wool scent. You might need a second to adjust to it, but when you compare it to how other mattresses with treated-materials smell like, you'll have comfort knowing you're laying on a bed that's eco-friendly and more in-tune with the Earth's natural elements.

And like all Nolah mattresses, this bed is made in the U.S.A. and comes in at an affordable mid-tier price point.

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In the sea of endless D2C mattresses, the Nolah Natural sets itself apart with exceptional materials, high-quality support, and a price point that won't break the bank. Consider it my favorite mattress on the market right now.


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