These Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds Will Help Reduce Those Sneezes and Sniffles

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
31 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds You Should Know AboutWestend61 / Giovanni Bortolani / Getty Images

Getting a cute dog for your family is a wonderful experience. The love, snuggles, and playtime, not to mention the responsibility it can teach your kiddos, is well worth it. But what if someone, or more than one person, in your family is allergic to dogs? Whether you know already, or someone develops an allergy, it can make dog ownership not nearly as fun as it should be. That’s why it can be helpful to bring a hypoallergenic dog into your lives. While there's no such thing as a dog that's 100% hypoallergenic, as the American Kennel Club says, you can find a breed that doesn't shed as much, which means less allergy-causing dander around the house!

And let’s face it—if you aren’t jazzed about consistently picking up dog hair, or having it gather on your clothes, one who sheds less might be a good choice. Again, although there is no such thing as a totally hypoallergenic dog, you can ease your symptoms, or at the very least, your allergy medication might have you fully covered. Before purchasing a family dog, be sure to talk to your doc. And remember, these purebred breeds aren’t the only option—you can discover a mix of these pups at your local shelter or rescue as well. Here are 31 dogs to consider as you get started.


Known as a go-to, hypoallergenic family dog, Goldendoodles are a cross between Golden Retrievers and Poodles and are famous for being gentle and good with little ones.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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White with irresistibly curly fur, these low-shedding doggos are known to be very calm and love to be around people.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
Giovanni Bortolani - Getty Images

Standard Poodle

Reaching around 15 inches tall at their shoulders, these statuesque pups are also quite affectionate and are friendly with guests and new people.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
dageldog - Getty Images

Portuguese Water Dog

This is the breed that the Obamas brought to the White House! You can get one as cute as “Bo” with a Portuguese Water Dog who’s intelligent, attention-loving, and easy to train.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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Snow-white with some of the sweetest faces around, the Maltese is extremely gentle, affectionate, and generally makes a great family dog.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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Chinese Crested

Now that’s a unique-looking pup! These tiny dogs sure turn heads wherever they go, and in addition to their amazing hairstyles, they also tend to be Velcro dogs and follow their owners wherever they go.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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Bichon Frise

Looking just like a teeny teddy bear, Bichon Frise pups are almost so cute, you might not think they’re real! But they most certainly are and come with traits like a gentle demeanor and a fun, energetic spirit.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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Yorkshire Terrier

Who can resist a Yorkie?! These mini pups pack a lot of dog into a tiny package, with sass, energy, and perkiness.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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Welsh Terrier

With a sophisticated look, the Welsh Terrier is friendly and playful, and will love nothing more than to sit next to you on the couch.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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Originating from Africa, the Basenji is an incredibly smart dog and also strives to please their owners each and every day.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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With a face that we think looks a little like an Ewok, the way-too-cute Affenpinscher is brave for their small size and can definitely get a little feisty.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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West Highland White Terrier

“Westies” are some of the most adorable pups on the planet, and they’re ideal for allergy sufferers, too. With minimal shedding, these dogs are happy, independent, and curious.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
Celso Mollo Photography - Getty Images

Afghan Hound

How gorgeous is this dog? Looking a bit like a canine supermodel, the Afghan Hound sheds infrequently, even though they have a lot of hair. And they are loyal and affectionate.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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Bedlington Terrier

How’s that for a cool hairstyle? Sporting some seriously fuzzy fur, the soft Bedlington Terrier is begging for pets and loves to be the center of everyone’s attention.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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With truly one-of-a-kind fur, the Komondor surprisingly doesn’t shed a lot. They’ll certainly take center stage wherever they go, and they’re known to loyally protect and love their people.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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Kerry Blue Terrier

Showing off little “beards,” these cute pups have a lot of character but also enjoy being affectionate with those they love.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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Miniature Schnauzer

Typically weighing no more than 11 to 18 pounds, these diminutive dogs are friendly, super smart, and scrappy.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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Scottish Terrier

“Scottie” dogs are the absolute cutest! They tend to be big dogs in little dog bodies, with lots of energy and confidence.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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Shih Tzu

Showcasing hair that can be put into a teeny-tiny ponytail, these small dogs are usually on the perky side and tend to follow their people around wherever they go.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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Wire Fox Terrier

Looking a lot like little stuffed animals, these tiny terriers are very lively and are said to be extremely charming.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
Image by Erin Vey - Getty Images

American Hairless Terrier

Since they don’t have fur, you better believe these pups won’t be doing any shedding around your house! Their temperaments are energetic, playful, and curious.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
Sergey Ryumin - Getty Images

Lhasa Apso

Those puppy-dog eyes! These dogs enjoy training and are playful and intelligent.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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Brussels Griffon

With eyes that look pretty human-like (and beards to boot!), the Brussels Griffon is famed for its affection for its people and constant curiosity.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
Svetlana Gunina - Getty Images

Lagotta Romagnolo

Curly hair and sweet eyes make this pup the whole package. In addition to shedding very little, these dogs are also alert, obedient, and loving.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
Finn Bjurvoll Hansen - Getty Images

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Like the name suggests, you and your kiddos will love petting this pup’s extra-soft fur. They also are devoted to their humans and are cheerful.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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Displaying distinctive fur, the Puli is a confident herding dog who is also entirely loyal.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
Ilona Nagy - Getty Images

Coton de Tulear

Small with big personalities, these dogs show their people a lot of love and are generally very sweet with everyone they meet.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
Bettina Dam / 500px - Getty Images

Cairn Terrier

You’ll say, “Aww,” every time you spot the Cairn Terrier’s little legs! Apart from being over-the-top adorable, these dogs are also smart and inquisitive.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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Italian Greyhound

Quick on their feet with super-smooth coats, Italian greyhounds make great family dogs because they’re so gentle.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
Alessandro Manco - Getty Images

Border Terrier

Always down for a training session, Border Terriers learn quickly and have energy to spare.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
Peter Steffensen - Getty Images

Polish Lowland Sheepdog

As one of the bigger hypoallergenic dogs, these pups are shaggy (but don’t shed a lot) and love to be active with their people.

best hypoallergenic dog breeds
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