Husky's Incredible Adoption Story Reminds Us of the Power of Love

This beautiful story will give you all the feels.

This is such a touching story. A man had to adopt out his new puppy because he was being evicted from his apartment. The person who adopted his Husky decided to keep in touch with the previous owner so he could watch his dog grow up. 

Having to re-home a pet can be devastating to people, and being able to find it a home where it's more of an "open adoption" can lessen the pain and worry that goes along with re-homing a pet. The amazing part of this video TikTok user @TheLegendandLegacy posted is how this story totally comes full circle. 

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It's so wonderful to see how these two souls kept in touch throughout the years. They made multiple trips to see each other and drove hundreds of miles so not only they could foster their friendship, but the previous owner could see how the dog Kai has grown. Not only that, but adopting one of Kai's offspring is just proof that even though life can be hard, the only constant in this world is change. Seeing how this man's life changed so he was able to provide a new home for the "grand dog" is just too sweet for words. The fact that these two people became best friends just proves how the love of a dog can bring people together. 

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