Husky's Dramatic Cries Over Being Left Alone Are Too Much

What a big baby!

We think everyone can agree that sometimes you don't want to be alone. Sure, a lot of times us humans want a break from everyone in our houses and we just want to chill out and watch our favorite television show alone, or cuddle up with a good book, but sometimes being alone can get, well, lonely. We aren't the only ones who feel this way because recently TikTok account holder @Slayerboi30721 posted a video of his gorgeous Husky who was left all alone and well, this video is pretty heartbreaking. 

Just check out this big baby who is NOT happy that dad left her all alone in the living room. It's adorably pathetic! 

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Poor Mika! Dad, how could you? TikTok users are feeling for this big baby with @Cyn typing, "She's singing Celine Dion's "All by myself." @RJ adds, "How she threw her head back for extra effect." @Vetlady adds, "She's letting you know exactly how she feels about you leaving the room." 

That's right Dad, you get back there right now and cuddle her for us! Poor baby! We would never leave her alone, not even for a second, LOL! 

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