Husky Miraculously Rescued From Rubble 23 Days After the Turkey Earthquake

This will make anyone believe in miracles.

Animal rescuers pulled off an unbelievable mission three weeks after a devasting earthquake struck Turkey, leaving the country with a death toll of nearly 50,000. A Husky owner kept hearing his dog's bark under the rubble of a collapsed building. That's when he turned to Haytap, a Turkish animal rescue agency.

The Husky named Alex was trapped under the rubble for 23 days with no food, water or sunlight. TikTok user @itvnews shares more about the miraculous story, which is giving us hope that more rescues could happen in the coming days.

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Wow! We don't even know where to begin with this story. This is truly the most beautiful and miraculous rescue we've ever seen. We can't even begin to understand how scared that Husky must've been. No food, no water, no sunlight and not knowing where his owner was must've been terrifying.

None of this would've been possible if it wasn't for the brave rescue team. The video said it's dangerous and difficult work, which it is. But the Haytap team didn't hesitate. They knew the rescue would be worth it in the end.

According to an article from USA Today, the dog lost some weight but was still in good health. That's great news! We hope that Alex gets all the cuddles in the entire world with lots of treats on the side.

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