Husky Escapes Enclosure and Has a 'Party' on His First Night at the Shelter

First impressions can set the tone for an entire relationship, so we can only imagine what Colbert County Animal Shelter staff and volunteers thought when they returned to the shelter one morning to find the lobby almost completely destroyed. The mess was all thanks to a very pleased Husky named Titan, who not only let himself out of his enclosure but had an entire 'party' while he was out. And it was only his first night at the shelter!

According to the Alabama news website WAFF, Titan had been surrendered on Monday, May 15. By the time shelter staff returned on Tuesday, though, he eagerly awaited them at the front door. Luckily, they could see the humor in the situation--even if they had to spend 'half the day' cleaning up.

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OMG--what a mess! We're genuinely impressed that they were able to reverse this disaster in only half a day. We suppose there's no coming back for their poor front desk computer that was destroyed in the process!

Still, it's pretty hard to resist that adorable face waiting by the front door. Titan is clearly quite happy with himself and his overnight project! But how in the world did this talented Husky pull off such a feat?

Shelter Director Corey Speegle told WAFF, "Titan managed to wiggle the latch of his kennel loose overnight Monday into Tuesday and then opened the lever-handled door into the lobby." Somehow, he even busted out two other shelter dogs from their enclosures! They didn't make it into the lobby with him, but we're sure they had their own adventure wandering around the back.

Mischievous Titan may have saved himself some time in the shelter by making his great escape. After he made local headlines on Tuesday (the town's police responded to the shelter's indoor alarms on Monday night but spotted no intruder), he was adopted on Wednesday!

This crazy Husky may have thrown himself a party for one at the animal shelter, but now he'll be partying with his new family every day.

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