Husband surprises wife with lost wedding footage

About 14 years ago, Kayla and Drew Gottfried got married under the gazebo of a friend's house. Afterward, they took the tape of their wedding ceremony to a video editing store to be transferred to a disc. But the shop told them the tape was blank. The Pleasant Hill, Ore. couple was certain they had lost the footage forever. Fast forward to two months before their 14th wedding anniversary, Drew received a message from a friend saying that they had found the tape with the lost footage. The husband held onto the secret until the day of their anniversary and shared what happened on TikTok. He said that she had "no idea what is about to play and believed they were [at the theater] to watch one of her favorite films. But the husband had a pretty big trick up his sleeve”. “I rented a theater and asked if they could play it for me instead of a movie. Let's see her reaction to what we thought was lost forever”. As soon as the wedding footage started to play, Kayla was taken aback. Drew described her reaction as "pure happiness" and called the bait and switch a "successful surprise”. "I see why you've been together 14 years," a user wrote