Husband is jealous of wife’s alleged ‘free time’ as a stay-at-home mom

A woman became concerned when her husband said he is “jealous” of her “free time” as a stay-at-home mom.

She asked Reddit’s “Mommit” forum to weigh in. She stays at home with their 1- and 2-year-old children. Her husband is gone for work before the kids are up and home an hour before they go to bed.

“We had a nest camera set up in our home until yesterday, when my husband took it down. I asked him why and he just kinda shrugged me off and was really quiet all evening,” she wrote.

“This morning he texted me from work and told me he took it down bc he’s jealous of seeing the ‘free time’ I have while the kids nap… Please tell me, am I insane for thinking that’s ridiculous?”

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Redditors completely sided with the mom on this one.

“Does he get a lunch break? Tell him it’s no different. Naptime is your ‘lunch break,'” a user commented.

“If he’s sitting there staring at you, he obviously has free time,” a person wrote.

“Give him the gift of an entire weekend of free time with the kids!” another suggested.

“I think you might need to throw away the entire husband,” another replied.

“On his next day off wake him up with the kids and then leave the house for 8 hours. See how much free time he enjoys,” a person added.

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