Hunter McGrady and Nia Jax's confidence-boosting advice is something everyone needs to hear

It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, or if you’ve got over 1 million followers on Instagram or a couple of hundred devoted fans, you’ve probably had moments when you are feeling down on yourself. Burlesque dancer Lillian Bustle reminds us “it’s okay to not be confident all the time.”

Learning to love yourself is a process. It’s also a topic deeply woven into the events and panels at TheCurvyCon — a three-day convention that brings together celebrities, body-positive influencers and their fans to celebrate diversity and fashion inclusivity. Tickets are on sale now and are expected to sell out fast.

While this year’s TheCurvyCon is sure to continue inspiring “that thriving community” event co-founder Chαstity Garner Valentine says is their mission to build, Yahoo Lifestyle asked Bustle and a few other influencers to share their confidence-boosting tips.

WWE star Nia Jax exudes a bold presence that makes her one to watch inside and outside the ring. But even the professional wrestler and model struggles with “not feeling confident.” Her trick to “instantly feel better no matter what”? Pushing herself to get out and be active.

Jes Baker, the witty mental health coach behind The Militant Baker, jokingly says her confidence-boosting hack is to “watch Netflix.” Binge-watching our favorite shows does it for us too! However, she gets serious and reveals that she does “ask herself who is profiting off of my low self-esteem.” This mindful moment allows Baker to “take the shame away.”

Pop artist Chel is of the “fake it ‘til you make it” school of thought when it comes to believing in yourself.

We can certainly glean from model Hunter McGrady’s advice on increasing confidence on those days when you feel defeated, as she encourages us to “go out and make somebody else’s day.”

Watch the video above for more confidence-boosting tips, including one from singer and advocate Troy Solomon that we’re making our body-positive mantra.

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