Humane Society Hosts Adoption Event in Honor of Betty White's Birthday

The event is happening now to honor the actress, who was dedicated to protecting animals around the world.

The Nebraska Humane Society is dedicating an adoption event to the late Betty White on what would have been her 101st birthday.

According to KETVa local news station in Omaha, Nebraska—the NHS is housing more than 100 dogs that are waiting to find their forever homes with a special family. They will only have 50 kennels available publicly, however, they note that 100 dogs are currently available for adoption. Most pups will be available to adopt for $50.

This special event is taking place on The Golden Girls star's birthday because she "dedicated herself to protecting and improving the quality of life for animals around the world," according to Pam Wiese of NHS.

"We're going to A: Be trying to get those back dogs up for a little walk-through so the people can see those dogs as well as seeing the 50 that are in our adoption kennels," Wiese said. "We also are hoping that people will be able to easily and quickly find animals that fit their needs."

Anyone interested in adopting a new fur baby can check out their photos and bios before heading to the kennel on the humane society website. Animals on display at the kennel will also have report cards on their cages.

Wiese mentioned that the report cards will let the potential owner know if they get along with everyone, need a household with kids over 6 years old, adults only, or any additional information that a future owner might need. "So that people can go and quickly look and go, 'oh, I like the look of this guy and it looks like he fits my criteria.' So we'll be doing a bit more of that today here in person," she said.

The event kicked off today at noon and runs until 9 p.m. tonight!