Will Hulu Bring Back ‘How I Met Your Father’ For Season 3?

how i met your father “ride or die” episode 205 sophie and val have conflicting feelings about brunch with val’s parents the gang attends jesse’s long island show charlie tom ainsley, valentina francia raisa, ellen tien tran, sid suraj sharma and sophie hilary duff, shown
Is ‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 3 Happening?!Patrick Wymore/Hulu

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How I Met Your Father fans might have had to wait a little bit longer to see the end of the show's second season due to a small break in between, but now it's time to rally for another season of this fun sitcom. It might not be the Lizzie McGuire reboot that we were hoping for from the House of Mouse, but we can at least pretend it is with some fun twists thanks to Hilary Duff's performances. So is this all that we're getting from this spin-off series? Or is there more to come?

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Here's everything we know about How I Met Your Father season 3.

Is How I Met Your Father coming back for season 3?

Hulu hasn't made any big announcements on whether the show will be back for another season. The show recently returned for the second half of season 2, so there are still a couple more episodes left that fans have to look forward to. Beyond that is everyone's guess as we wait for the streamer to make a decision about How I Met Your Father's future.

What will How I Met Your Father season 3 be about?

Well, obviously, we'll still try to figure out who the father of Sophie's kids is. Although, we can make some guesses on that already. But more than that, we'll continue to see Sophie and her friends navigating their dating lives as they try to figure out their futures together in NYC.

how i met your father &#x00201c;not a mamma mia&#x00201d; episode 212 sophie recruits the gang to help track down her father sid suraj sharma, valentina francia raisa, sophie hilary duff, and jesse christopher lowell, shown photo by patrick wymorehulu
Patrick Wymore/Hulu

When will How I Met Your Father season 3 come out?

A release date hasn't been announced yet since the show hasn't been renewed for a third season. However, there was a year break in between seasons so that makes January 2024 a safe bet if it does get a season 3.

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