Huh? Here's What 'ISTG' Means in a Text

ISTG Meaning

When you're texting or opening up your social media apps these days, it seems like there's almost always a new acronym, hashtag or Gen Z slang word that can catch you off guard. From acronyms like "MOG" and "SMH" to terms like "rizz," "BSF" and "mid," it can get a little confusing as you casually scroll. Another example is "ISTG," so what does ISTG mean in a text (or in a Snap or TikTok comment), exactly?

We'll cover what the acronym means, examples of how it can be used and variations of common ways to reply to "ISTG."

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What Does 'ISTG' Mean in a Text?

"ISTG" means "I swear to God." When someone is using this acronym, they're typically trying to communicate or promise that something is true and/or serious.

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How Do You Use 'ISTG' in a Sentence?

"ISTG" frequently shows up on social media or in text messages. Some examples of how it can be used include:

  • ISTG I just saw them together!

  • Don't even try to test me on this—ISTG

  • You know who just walked by me istg I'm freaking out

  • My wish just came true on 11:11 #ISTG

  • Did you see that Travis Kelce just did the heart sign? ISTG it had to be for Taylor

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"What Should I Reply to 'ISTG'?"

Depending on the context, some people would likely respond to "ISTG" looking for even more confirmation (asking follow-up questions to get additional information/tea) or just responding in awe with a comment like, "Seriously?!"

Otherwise, it's common to respond to "ISTG" with acknowledgment such as, "That's wild!" or "OMG."

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