Hugh Jackman Teaches Laura Dern to Dance in Adorable Instagram Video

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Hugh Jackman tapped into his inner dance teacher!

Hugh Jackman is adding another skill to his resume: dance instructor. 

Laura Dern is working on her dance moves, and who better to teach her than The Music Man himself? 

In an adorable video posted to Dern's Instagram account, Jackman gives her a step-by-step tutorial as she attempts to perfect her skills. "Heel, toe, toe, heel," Jackman explains, guiding her every step of the way. 

The Big Little Lies actress nailed the initial steps before losing her rhythm and jokingly throwing her own moves into the mix. The two couldn't help but share a laugh through it all.

"I'm a Broadway star!" she said as Jackman spun her around and dipped her. "Aw see, he makes you look good!" Dern added with a smile as the duo hugged it out. 

"Today I learned to dance!" she wrote over the video. 

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Dern's dancing might not have been flawless, but it impressed fans, nonetheless. 

One fan commented, "Omg soo good 😍😂" as another couldn't get over her outfit, noting, "That is a beautiful dress." 

Another Instagram user showed love for the duo, writing, "You 2 are Amaziiiiiiing !!!😍❤️👏👏" 

The pair are currently promoting their film, The Son, at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival. It follows a divorced couple, played by Dern and Jackman, as they attempt to take care of their teenage son during a tough period in his life

You can watch the trailer below! 

The film is set to premiere on Nov. 11.

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