Hugh Jackman Recalls His Most Embarrassing Moment as an Actor

This might be a little too much information.

Hugh Jackman is spilling the beans on what he deems to be the most awkward moment in his acting career.

The 54-year-old actor sat down with British Vogue for their 2023 Hollywood Portfolio featuring 31 of today's biggest stars. During the interview, he opened up about a moment he will never forget—although he probably wants to.

When asked about his most embarrassing moment on stage, he revealed that he peed his pants! "I pissed my pants on stage. It’s the doozy of all doozies," Jackman recalled of the situation.

"The doctor told me I was dehydrated so, following direction, I drank so much water that by the time I was doing this number – in red tights, as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast – I basically had a choice of pissing my pants or not singing," he said. Some might say he's a real trooper for choosing the former.

Jackman starred as the main antagonist in the original 1995 Australian production of Beauty and the Beast, which marked his first time learning how to sing. Back in 2017, he opened up to Playbill about the voice lessons he use to take while rehearsing for the 1995 production.

“I came to singing late. When I was doing Beauty and the Beast and in my contract they made me have a singing lesson every week,” he explained. “What happened was I was learning on the job … and I kind of developed a voice that was not fully mine. Liz really made me fall in love with singing," he elaborated. 

“I find it really difficult to listen to myself sing. I’ll be listening to the Broadway channel sometimes and they’ll announce me and I immediately turn it off. But with this I can actually listen to myself," he told Playbill at the time of the release of his 2017 musical film The Greatest Showman.

As for what he loves most about acting, he told Vogue, "When it's all flowing, it's as free and as exhilarating as anything I've ever experienced in my life. And I wish to God I could have it every single time I do it. I don't, but when that happens it's transcendent."