Hugh Jackman Preaches Safety While Documenting Stunning Hike

Hugh Jackman loves adventuring and participating in exciting outdoor activities, but he always makes sure to emphasize the need for safety.

This time around, the Australian star went on a beautiful hike, posting a handful of selfies showing off the stunning nature around him, which included mountains off in the distance, a hazy gray sky, and plenty of greenery.

Despite the luscious surroundings, he only had a safety tip to focus on for his followers, writing, "Stay on the trail," in the caption.

In response, one fan turned it back around on him, commenting, "Have fun , mate but also please be careful ❤️🙌🏻." Another wrote, "Stay away from sharp branches and fallen trees mr.Jackman🫡."

"Looks so nice wherever you are. Nothing beats a walk through nature," read another comment on the photos.

Jackman gave no indication where he went for a hike, but it's likely somewhere in Australia, where he lives.

Quite a few fans were also hyped up about Jackman's beard, which is very reminiscent of the facial hair he had when he last played his iconic character Wolverine in Logan.

"Wolverine beard loading..... 94%," joked a fan, as someone else replied, "The Wolverine beard tho."

Jackman will finally be reviving the fan-favorite X-Men member in Deadpool 3, starring opposite his close friend Ryan Reynolds as the title character.

While speaking with Collider last December, Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy confirmed that the movie is filming this spring, possibly at the start of May.

Considering we just passed the start of the month, it's highly possible that Wolverine will also rock a beard in his next on-screen appearance.

Along with hiking, Jackman has been doing a lot to prepare for the role, including cold swims in the ocean.

But he also recently opened up about his history with skin biopsies, warning people to always wear sunscreen to protect against skin cancer, no matter what they're doing.

Luckily, the star's most recent biopsy came back negative, but Jackman hopes it can be a lesson for his followers and fans.