Huge Newfoundland Puppy Who Thinks He's a Lap Dog Is Just the Best

This big guy wants all the love.

Everyone loves cuddles, and sometimes, after a long day, you just want to curl up on the lap of your favorite person. One dog did just that, with one minor issue: he's positively huge!

TikTok user @shaunaconno recently shared a video of her Newfoundland puppy doing his best imitation of a lap dog. In the video, this 9-month-old puppy is climbing all over a poor, innocent person on the couch and absolutely crushing him. Check out the video to see this very large puppy make himself comfortable on top of his human.

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OMG, this puppy is huge! We just love when big dogs don't realize their size and try to squeeze into places they don't fit. Hopefully that man is still able to breathe under the weight of all that fluff!

People in the comments thought this was too funny. @foxykitty6969 said, "It's always the big ones that think they're small enough to cuddle LOL," and @sheilachafe commented, "Can’t stop laughing. This is friggen' adorable." It's just comical how this pup doesn't comprehend his size!

Others compared this Newfie to a bear! commented, "There’s grizzly bear in your living room," and @nancyblair5 said, "If anyone wants to know what snuggling with a bear feels like…" Newfoundlands seem like a great alternative for those of us who are dying to meet a bear!

While this pup is a bit big to be lap dog, we can't help but think it would be cozy and comforting to be buried under the fur of a dog like this. It would be like a living, adorable weighted blanket!

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