How to Scramble An Egg Inside Its Shell (If You're Into That Kind of Thing)


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Hard-boiled eggs are great and all, but some among us long for a snack with a little more razzmatazz. For example, say, an egg scrambled inside its own shell.

Before you call bollocks on such a possibility, consider this video that made the rounds last year:

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Employing only a long-sleeve t-shirt and some string, the host rapidly spins the egg and thoroughly jumbles its contents. When the egg is cooked and peeled like a normal hard-boiled egg, it has the appearance of a scrambled egg that’s retained the shape of its shell. It’s yellow. A yellow hard-boiled egg:


Photo credit: Geraint Krumpe

Inspired by the video, industrial designer Geraint Krumpe recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a product he’s dubbed “The Goose" (because it lays, ahem, a golden egg). As of Tuesday, he’s already raised $60,355—nearly twice his fundraising goal.

"The flavor is rich and subtle," reads The Goose’s Kickstarter page. "If you are a fan of eggs, and a fan of scrambled eggs, then there is no better way to enjoy them. … The texture is silky, and depending on how long you boil, or at what temperature, you can create a range of flavors and characteristics."

We’re just going to come out and say it: Does anyone really prefer an egg scrambled inside its shell? Isn’t the appeal of scrambled eggs that they’re light and fluffy? And isn’t one of the draws of hard-boiled eggs the contrast in texture between yolk and egg white? An egg scrambled inside its shell seems to lack either of those defining characteristics. Furthermore, what is with people messing with eggs?

Also, if you’re really going to go there, is this gadget necessary? Why not just use a t-shirt and some string?

That said, if this sounds like the best idea ever to you, here’s the Kickstarter video:

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