How Rashad Jennings Went From Chubby Kid to the NFL

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NFL player Rashad Jennings is a running back for the New York Giants (Photo: Getty Images)

His day job is being a running back for the New York Giants, but football player Rashad Jennings is incredibly busy off the field as well. With his foundation, Rashad hopes to inspire youth by making education fun, provide mentorship for individual success, and promote health and fitness worldwide. He’s does all of this on top of training, playing, striving for the Super Bowl, staying healthy and fit, and upholding rituals to keep him looking and feeling his best. Even for a running back, that’s a lot of running around.

At 6’1’’ and 231 lbs, he’s a manly man. But make no mistake; number 23 doesn’t have any problem posting up for a pedicure, as he’s super in-tune with his grooming regimen. There is one thing, however, he hasn’t tried…

Yahoo Beauty: Aside from work, why is health and fitness so important to you?

Rashad Jennings: I grew up overweight: a chubby kid with glasses, asthma. I had a 0.6 GPA at one point in time. I had to overcome a lot of adversity. The components that helped change my life were health and fitness, education and mentorship. I make sure I dedicate a lot of time to the community, giving back.

What’s your grooming advice for guys who want to spruce up their regimens?

You get one body. You’ve got to take care of it. I do a hot towel treatment every morning and every night for my face. I try to keep it as clean as I possibly can. I think it’s important to take care of your body. There’s a small sense of awareness you receive once you start to take care and understand your body in its entirety.

Football can get smelly. What’s your go-to fragrance?

I’m a huge Old Spice fan. All their fragrances are awesome. I like the way the deodorant sticks and keeps me clean while I’m running, sweating and lifting. I’m an Old Spice fan a thousand times. Cologne: I wear many of them. I like the Mediterranean smells.

Do you ever get your nails done?

Yes, I do. At least once a month.

What was your first manicure experience like?

[I thought] this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever done in my life. A week later, I was like, you know what? I might do that again some time. I just like how fresh it felt. Especially taking care of your feet – your travel agents. As an athlete, you’ve got to take care of them.

Who got you into pedicures?

The first person that told me about it was my trainer. I was training out of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He was like, “Make sure you get your feet done.” We all looked up and said, “What is he talking about?” So, I tried it out. I understand now what he meant. Take care of your hands and your feet.

What about other spa treatments do you partake in?

We do it all – massages, chiropractor, acupuncture, MAT: muscle activation therapy, ART: active release therapy. Facials: I have not ventured into that arena.

Why haven’t you tried a facial?

I haven’t had anybody introduce me to it!

What supplements keep you in shape?

USANA. It’s a great product. It’s clean. I do not have to worry about failing any drug tests. Part of a healthy lifestyle, you’ve got to find products that compliment you and provide the nutrients that you need.

Are there any beauty products or parts of your grooming regimen that you’ve adopted from female friends or girlfriends?

I’ve used [their products], definitely. As far as a routine, honestly, it all comes from my barber. One of the best barbers showed me the ropes about grooming.

How did you find your barber?

I’ve been going to him for at least five years now. He owns a spot [in New York City] called Davey’s. He taught me about hot towel treatments, how to open up your pores. My granddad thought he was the smoothest guy alive, so he passed down some secrets along the way.

What else did your grandpa teach you?

He introduced ascots to me. In this generation, when I wear ascots people are like, “What is that?” I appreciate that, because I have a different sense of style when I go out. And something he said that has always stuck with me – if you asked him, “How are you doing?” no matter what, he would say, “Great.” I said, “Why are you saying great? You don’t look like it.” He said, “If you’re able to complain, then you can’t complain.”


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