How Jimmy Kimmel Throws a Super Bowl Party

Adam Rapoport

1. Skip the Kitsch 

“I do not decorate the house, and I’m not into team jerseys or the cakes and cupcakes shaped like footballs and goalposts. We all know we’re here to watch a football game.”

2. Party Everywhere
“It’s important to give people space to spread out—don’t crowd everyone in front of one TV. I have a 103-inch flat-screen in the main room, a TV in my kitchen, a TV in the backyard…”

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3. Chill in Margaritaville
“I bought a Margarita machine at Costco. Not one of those little Jimmy Buffett ones, but like the big ones you see mixing horchata at Mexican restaurants. I fill that and set up a bar and a keg; it seems to suffice.”

4. Teach the Kids to Gamble
“I draw a grid on poster board and everyone buys a spot for $10. I get squares for all the kids in the house; they go nuts when they’re involved with something like that.”

5. Ban Fast Food
“People know I’m cooking, but some joker always shows up with a bunch of hamburgers from Jack in the Box. I just look at them and go, ‘What are you doing here?’ ”

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Kimmel’s Game-Day Menu: 
Killer Nachos: “Tostitos, black beans, cheese, salsa, olives, sour cream, chicken if I’m motivated. I always keep an extra plate in the oven so guests can eat them hot.”

Smoked Wings: “Sauce ’em, smoke ’em, sauce ’em again, then throw them on the grill till they crisp up.”

Meatball Heroes: “I buy meatballs, good rolls, and Parmesan, and people make their own.”

The Golden Rule: “The Super Bowl is a hundred times better to watch at home than in person. I’ll never go again unless there is some weird, extenuating circumstance—like my grandson is the quarterback.”

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