Make Your House Smell Like April Showers Have Brought May Flowers

If your allergies make live flowers an impossibility, try a scented candle that smells exactly like sticking your face into a bouquet of hyacinths.

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You may have noticed that, quite suddenly, flowers have appeared. Outdoors, on your walks, in your garden, on your window sill — you’ll be minding your own business and, out of nowhere, a scent will waft into your nostrils. You’ll look over your shoulder and see … oh my god, it’s a flowering lilac plant on your neighbor’s fence. "Am I allowed to steal some of those lilacs and bring them indoors?" you’ll wonder, and regrettably I don’t have an answer for you. Maybe send that into an advice column. I have another idea, though, and that idea is: scented goods for the home! Oh, that is classic me. Let’s enjoy some floral scents indoors, even if we decide we’re not sneaky enough to be a thief. Here are some ideas.

It’s a statement piece

Loewe Honeysuckle Wax Candleholder

My immediate thought about this Loewe candle is: I could never burn that. It’s too beautiful. It’s too expensive. Why would I light on fire something I’d rather keep? But let’s take a lesson from the flowers that bloom around us and remember that life is short. Nothing lasts forever, my friend. Smoke ‘em while you got ‘em. Enjoy all the beauty you can before your petals wilt and fall to the earth, so to speak. Burn this beautiful honeysuckle-scented Loewe candle (that doubles as its own candleholder) right down to a nub. And then burn the nub!

It’s hygienic opulence

Byredo Tulipmania Hand Soap

You know you’re in a luxurious location when you walk into the bathroom and see Byredo hand soap on the sink. So why not make that luxurious location your very own home? Your dry, rough hands have made it through winter, and they deserve a floral-scented treat.

It’s four-wick affordable luxury

Homeworx Lily of the Valley Candle

People often ask me, "Kelly, what’s a great candle I can buy for $30 or under?" And every time I say, "None. You cannot buy a great candle for $30 or under." Damn. Very cold of me. While I maintain that my comment is unfortunately somewhat true, I’ve found this $30 HomeWorx candle to be a wonderful outlier. Its Lily of the Valley scent is perfectly fresh and vibrant, and not at all cloying. And the fact that it has four wicks gives the candle’s large circumference an even burn, and allows for a wider-than-usual throw. It’ll fill your home with springtime joy, and its price point won’t make you feel guilty for burning it with abandon.

It’s sticks, but fancy

Terrain Seasonal Pink Blossom Branches

Sticks are chic. They are mother. They are the moment. They’re in a big vase in every influencer’s house and they have you thinking — man, I’ve gotta get myself some sticks. Well, now’s the time. These branches from Terrain will bloom in your home, as if you’ve got a whole pink-flowering tree in there, and who’s the influencer now, hm? Well … I guess that would be you!

It’s almost exactly hyacinth

Kerzon Tuileries Palais Royal Candle

God, this Kerzon candle is so good. It smells exactly like shoving your face into a giant bucket of hyacinths and taking a big whiff; an activity in which I’ve never partaken but one I can certainly imagine. It’s a delight to smell cold, and an absolute joy to light on a warm spring day. "Do you have a hyacinth in here?" people will ask. "No, but I do have a hyacinth candle," you’ll say. And they’ll say, "Oh."

It’s alive

Gardenia Plant

Can I, personally, keep a plant alive? Well. The answer is none of your business and in fact I’d like to have the question stricken from the record. Suffice to say that I will not be buying an indoor gardenia plant for myself, but that I fully support and envy your ability to do so, should your thumb be so blessedly green.

It’s almost zen

Verden Hortosa Scented Candle

You know when you walk into a store that sells crystals and sustainable clothing and face creams made from environmentally sound materials, and you smell the air, and you think, "Man, this air smells like what I imagine it must feel like to have successfully meditated. I bet if I could smell this air all the time, I’d be much calmer and more well-liked. I need to have this air ventilated out of here and into my apartment so I can finally feel even a single moment of peace." No? Just me?

It’s actually zen (allegedly)

Terrain Gemstone Diffuser

If that candle isn’t working for you, maybe the power of crystals will. This crystal diffuser, to which you add your favorite scented essential oil, is said to reduce stress and bring a positive, serene vibe to your home. Are snow and rose quartz crystals actually imbued with those magical powers? Hm. I guess that’s up for you to decide. But hey, it’s worth a shot.

It’s indulgently French

Astier de Villatte Porte de Lilas Candle

Astier de Villatte makes some of my favorite candles. Their scents are transportive and their vessels are so generous in size that they feel particularly indulgent. This one will give you a wonderful recreation of that lilac scent you desire, without forcing you to commit petty floral theft.

It’s just so cute 

Goodbeast Pink Splash Bottom Softies Vase

I just love this cute little vase. Buy it and put a flower in it, why not?

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