‘House of Ninjas’ on Netflix Is an Absolute Must-Watch

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What do you get when you have a family full of highly skilled ninjas? You get the Netflix original series House of Ninjas, of course.

The Japanese drama series, which just debuted on the platform on February 15, is gaining popularity on Netflix.

Created by Kento Kaku, House of Ninjas follows the Tawara family, who choose to leave their fighting days behind after a mission goes awry. But when a new crisis arises, the clan must come out of hiding to save Japan once and for all. OK, we’re already invested.

Viewers can’t get enough of House of Ninjas—and the stellar reviews from critics speak for themselves. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the eight-episode series received a perfect 100 percent rating from critics (with an 83 percent audience score). On IMDb, the show was given a 7.3 out of 10 rating.

House of Ninjas features a talented ensemble cast, with names like Kento Kaku (From Today, It's My Turn), Riho Yoshioka (Gannibal), Tae Kimura (My Home Hero), Aju Makita (My Worst Friend) and Yôsuke Eguchi (Tokyo Love Story).

Courtesy of Netflix

Before the drama debuted on the streamer, Kaku sat down with The Kolition and shared his inspiration for the series. “When I first came up with this project, the idea obviously was about ninjas. [House of Ninjas] is about this traditional culture but this is a family story,” he explained. “[I consider it a] rebirth of the story family [which] is a very universal theme globally.”

“We really wanted to neatly portray this element. Even in the script when we were working on the structure of the show, we really gave a lot of attention to portraying this as a family story [first by creating] a family that was believable. For me, the number one theme of this show is family,” said Kaku.

Courtesy of Netflix

Since the show just debuted on the platform last week, it’s too early to know whether or not Netflix has renewed House of Ninjas for a second season. But after watching *that* major cliffhanger in the season finale, we sure hope it’s very, very soon.

The first season of House of Ninjas is streaming now on Netflix.


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