Hotel housekeeper shares what guests shouldn't touch in rooms: 'I've heard some horror stories'

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A former hotel housekeeper revealed the items she would never use in a hotel room.

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The hygiene of a hotel typically depends on how management trains and treats its cleaning staff. TikToker @_sourqueen explained, that during her time as a hotel housekeeper, she “just followed suit and did as I was told.” Unfortunately, the hotel where she worked didn’t handle things well.

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The first thing she would never use is the coffee pot or glassware.

“Usually the housekeeper just rinses these things out in the bathroom sink and dries the off with the same rag they used to clean the rest of the room with,” she said.

Next up, the ice bucket is a no-go. People sometimes use the ice bucket as a water bowl for their pets. But there are others, she said, who do “much worse.”

The bedspread was another non-starter for her. She urged people to remove the spread immediately.

“They are so filthy. They only get washed once a year if that unless there is a visible stain on them,” she explained.

“I’ve seen some things. I’ve heard some horror stories,” she said.

The video received 1.2 million views and the revelations stunned viewers.

“All of a sudden I seem so much less crazy when I always want to take my own pillow and blanket to a hotel!” a person said.

“So basically I just need to stay home,” someone joked.

“To the people blaming the housekeepers. I worked as one & hotels are AWFUL to them. No time to clean properly & poorly treated. Worst job ever,” a TikToker explained.

“Why isn’t the cleaning in hotels regulated (like, we have cleanliness standards and health inspections in restaurants)?” a user wrote.

“In the age of monkeypox the policy on cleaning linens is going to have to change quickly,” another commented.

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